Do You Want to Rent a Longarm?

Do you have UFOs piling up at home that you’d like to get quilted? Are your quilt tops too big for your home machine but you’d like to say “I quilted it myself?” Say goodbye to basting and squishing your quilt through the small opening on your machine. It’s easy to conquer those quilts in record time and regain control of your quilt from beginning to end. Rent time on our APQS or Gammill and change those UFO’s into finished quilts!


Our superior stitch regulation means that your stitches will be perfect or even better use the computerized machine. The machine will be ready when you arrive, freshly cleaned and oiled so all you need to do is load your quilt and go!


But I’ve never used a longarm before!


No worries! The machines are super-simple to use, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know in the Certification Class (required of all new renters) to get you off on the right foot. You’ll learn the basics such as machine functions, loading a quilt, basic designs, and more as you tackle your first small quilt right in class.


The Certification Class Tuition is $75, and includes the following:


·         Three (3) hours of instruction to give you confidence

·         Two (2) Needles to put your quilting stitches in

·         One (1) Seam ripper to pull your mistakes out J


What’s included in my Rental Fee?


·         The use of a cleaned and oiled APQS  or Gammill machine with precision stitch regulator

·         The use of our bobbin cases (though we highly recommend you purchase your own so that you can adjust it to the threads you use most frequently)


What is not included in my rental fee?


·         Needles (these must be purchased from us to ensure that they are the correct size for our machine and your project)

·         Backing fabric (though we have several wide backs available for purchase)

·         Batting (we’ve got that, too!)

·         Thread for a nominal fee of $10 you have access to our wide assortment of thread colors and types.


What if I can’t finish in one session?


If you need to remove your quilt before you’re done quilting, when you re-load it everything will still be aligned so you can start again. How far you get with your quilt will depend on how fast and how heavily you quilt. Once you’re more experienced, you’ll be able to quilt a full or queen-size quilt with an all-over pantograph or freehand design in about 4 hours or so.


If no one is scheduled after your session is over and there is available time, you may be able to extend your session (additional charges will apply on a pro-rated basis.)


How do I get my quilt ready for quilting?


·         Cut your backing and batting at least 6 inches larger all the way around your quilt. If you are using a pantograph, allow for at least 6 inches extra on the top edge.

·         The top and bottom edges of your backing should be straight and parallel to each other

·         Press the top and backing fabric

·         Trim loose threads

·         If piecing your backing, remove selvedges first. Try to make a horizontal seam for easier loading if possible

·         Do not baste your quilt layers together for longarm quilting


How do I load my quilt on the machine?


We’ll provide detailed instructions in your Certification Class that show you how to attach your quilt. Our system allows you to quickly load and unload your quilt so you aren’t wasting precious rental time just getting ready to go.


We also offer a special Valet Service for customers who want to simply show up and quilt! Drop your quilt off at least two days before your rental time, and for $25 we’ll have your quilt loaded, your thread of choice in place, and bobbins in the machine ready for you when you arrive.


What if I can’t make my reserved rental time?


We realize things come up that interfere with plans. We ask for at least 48 hours’ notice if you must cancel your reservation, and we’ll gladly refund your deposit and rental fee. However, if you notify us in less than 48 hours, we’ll only be able to refund your deposit. Be sure to call and reschedule your rental time so you can get your quilt done!


How much time should I budget to complete my quilt?


While the density of your quilting and your experience level will affect these estimates, if you quilt a large, open design such as meandering these are the suggested completion estimates:


Baby Quilt or Lap Quilt – 2 hours      Full Size Quilt – 4 hours         King Size Quilt – 7 hours

Twin Size Quilt – 3 hours                   Queen Size Quilt – 5 hours

Rental Session Fees:

·         Effective 09/01/15, the rental rates are $25 (non-computerized) or 35 (computerized) per hour, with a minimum rental period of two (2) hours

Additional Supplies

·         Additional needles sold individually -- $1.00 each