Rental Policies

·         When scheduling rental time, we will ask for a refundable deposit of $50 and the 2-hour minimum rental fee to be paid in advance.

·         We know life can get in the way of best-laid plans. However, we must also be able to make plans if you are unable to keep yours. Your deposit and rental fee will be refunded for cancellations made at least 48 hours (2 full days) prior to reserve rental time.

·         Unfortunately, we can only refund the deposit if you must cancel your rental time less than 48 hours prior to your scheduled time.

·         We want you to enjoy your quilting experience on our longarm. However, time really does fly when you’re having fun! Therefore, to keep us on schedule, charged rental time will be measured from when you start (such as when you begin loading your quilt) or from when your reservation time starts (whichever is earlier).

·         We’ll ooh and aah over your quilt and stop calculating your rental time when you have taken your quilt off the frame and completed the machine clean-up.

·         You don’t have to worry about keeping a stop watch as you quilt. We’ll simply round your rental time up to the nearest ¼ hour after the 2-hour minimum. We’ll also alert you when you’ve got about ½ hour left in your scheduled rental time so that you can easily plan for a stopping point and allow plenty of time for unmounting your quilt and machine clean-up time.

·         We love to see your smiling face as you quilt! However, since we often have more than one renter scheduled on any given day, your rental time starts at your scheduled time, even if you are not here. Please plan travel time and traffic conditions accordingly. The only exception to this is if the delay is the fault the Quilt Foundry; then the rental time will begin once the machine is ready for rental (and we’ll work with you to adjust your rental time or give you proper credit for time missed renting the machine).

·         While we love our children, pets and friends, they can become a distraction and a risk to your quilt’s safety (or to you or our rental machine.) Only the renter is authorized to be in the rental area. Renters must be 18 years old to operate the machine.

·         You’ve heard the phrase “Stuff Happens.” Well, that’s the polite way to say it, anyway. We know you will take care of our machine as if it were your own. However, if you have one of those “oops” moments and cause damage to the machine that will require its repair or replacement parts, we’ll work with you to determine what your responsibility may be for repair costs associated with the damage.

·         Your mom always told you to wear clean underwear in case you were ever in an accident. We certainly don’t anticipate anything happening to you while you rent the machine that would put that statement to the test. However, you’re still operating industrial machinery. That means you’ll be quilting at your own risk, and we can’t be responsible for damage to you OR to your quilts.

·         If it’s been six (6) months since you last rented, we’ll ask you to take a quick Refresher Course before renting at a nominal cost of $35.   If you’ve got a great memory, we might be able to waive this if you’re able to demonstrate that you are still competent with the machine’s operation.